Technosports Creative, a recognized global product development leader in the Automotive, Aerospace, and Display/Exhibit industries, is a registered United States Veterans Owned Company.  

Based in Livonia, Michigan, in an engineering and manufacturing campus comprised of four distinct buildings with diverse manufacturing and fabrication capabilities, we have over 35+ years of dedicated experience in the industry.   We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and the personal commitment that only "hands-on" owners and management can provide to daily creative operations.  

Our specialties include product and project development operations associated with automotive, aerospace, industrial, marine, museums, and movie industries.  With a commitment on delivering the very best customer service possible, we instill confidence in our collaborations and ensure that our deliverables are exceptional and that they represent a tremendous value for our clients. 

From a timing perspective, it is never too early to consult us for your product development needs. Our vast experience can be a tremendous value for your company as you progress through the conceptual development process, financial planning, and project scope determination.

We encourage and invite you to challenge our experience, creativity and dedication on your next job. We are confident of our ability to meet and exceed any level of expectation that you may have and we are fully committed to serving you.


Ron Thomas, President and CEO

Technosports Creative